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  • 2011
    On January 25th, Skyray Instrument listed on GEB with stock code as 300165. 

    On April 25th, Skyray Instrument developed SUPER XRF 2400, with its outstanding resolution for testing super trace elements compared to traditional XRF performance. 

    On April 26th, Skyray Instrument was granted as “The Most Influenced Domestic Instrument Manufacturer of The Year 2010” and “The Best Network Marketing Promoter of The Year 2010” on China Science Instrument Development annual meeting of 2011. 

    On May 18th, Board Chairman Zhaogui Liu is honored special government allowance.
  • 2010
    In April, Skyray Instrument won the title of “10 Most Significant Manufacturers of the Year of 2009” with our large market share and excellent after service in “China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, 2010”.

    The handheld mineral analyzer EDX P-730 developed by Skyray Instrument won the title of “10 Most Significant Instruments of the Year 2009” with its high technology, small and portable size, outstanding quality, etc.

    In May, Analysis and Testing Industrial Park came into service and celebration was held grandly in August. 
  • 2009
    2009/05, Skyray Instrument Acquisition of Bandwise Technology Development Co., LTD
  • 2008
    2008/09, Skyray Co.,LTD Acquisition of Shenzhen Skyray

    2008/12, Skyray Co.,LTD Becomes Skyray Instrument
  • 2007
    2007/09, Shenzhen Skyray Acquisition of Bandwise Technology Development Co., LTD  
  • 2006
     2006/02, Found of Shenzhen Skyray (Shenzhen)

    2006/07, Found of Skyray Co.,LTD (Kunshan)
  • 2003
    2003/12, Found of Xian Skyray (Xian)
  • 1992
    1992/09, Found of Xian Tsinghua Research Institute (Xian)