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Problem solving

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  • 1) European Union will unify and regulate various directives? Regulate WEEE, RoHS and EUP into a main directive? 2)Give detailed introduction of ecological design?
  • The material is iron and steel, however, it judges as plastic and others. How about the identification rate of the instrument?
  • What about the range of the initialization count rate?
  • The count rate is low while testing plastic samples, so how about the accuracy after prolonging time?
  • How to check if it is the right collimator according to the spectrum?
  • How about the peak channel when use Ag piece to pre-heat? What is the Ag content?
  • Too few samples (but the samples have covered the whole test window); how to improve?
  • What is the reason for displaying “material unidentified” in the process of testing? Why? How about the accuracy? How to judge?
  • How to understand accuracy and precision?
  • How to make sure checking frequency and time of the standard sample? How to control the time for pre-heating?