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Skyray Solution for Hormone in Diary Product

Create Date:2016/7/4 8:23:38  Click:1681

Recently, the distrust of eating the Shengyuan milk powder leading these babies sexual precocity has raised wide public concern since “Sanlu Milk Powder Incident” in 2008.

Testing & Quarantine Center hasn’t established an authoritative regulation on hormone index of diary product in China, as a result, the issue of milk powder leading these babies sexual precocity hasn’t been properly solved yet.

Such issues have been raising wide public concern. Establishing testing standards and methods has been a priority.

Skyray Instrument immediately organized a special technical group in R&D Center to prepare “Solution for Hormone in Diary Product”: Liquid Chromatograph LC-310 and Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer could be used in testing hormone content in diary

Liquid Chromatograph LC-310 by Skyray Instrument

Skyray R&D Center has provided solutions for “illegal cooking oil”, “Hainan toxic cowpeas”, “Lead Level in Blood” in Hunan and “Sanlu Milk Powder Incident”, etc. Skyray Instrument is always shouldering social responsibility as our own and doing our best to provide our services to ensure people’s health, safeguarding your daily life.

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