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Solution of LC-310 High-Efficiency Liquid Chromato

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 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs, a cancerogenic substance), also name as Poly aromates and Poly aromatic Hydrocarbons. There are more than 100 chemical structure formulas in total.

    Newest regulations of Germany government:
PAHs is a cancerogenic substance. At present, Germany government compulsorily regulates that all electric tools sold in German must be inspected through excessive PAHs inspection and all electric appliances in Germany market must be approved by professional inspection institute.

    Main sources:Incomplete combustion of organic matter, coal/oil/gas/tobacco/barbecue, charcoal, crude oil, creosote, tar, medicine, dye, plastic, rubber, pesticide, engine, generator producing PAHs.
PAHs is usually contained in petrochemical products, rubber, plastic, lubricating oil, antirust oil, incomplete combustion organic matter and so on. PAHs can be found in electric appliances. It is common that as plastic particles are adhesive with the moulds in the extrusion process, the added remover may contain PAHs.

    The following materials can contain PAHs: charcoal, crude oil, creosote, tar (natural), medicine, dye, rubber, pesticide (artificial), lubricating oil, remover, electrolyte, mineral oil, asphalt (artificial), insecticide, antiseptic, mosquito coil, smoke, gasoline antifreeze (artificial).

Hazard of PAHs: cancerogenic substance, vulnerable to genital system, vulnerable to skin cancer, lung cancer, upper gastrointestinal tumor, arteriosclerosis, infertility.

    PAHs regulations: European Union Nations 76/769/EEC/Germany LMBG/United States USEPA/China GB,GB/T, GHZ.

    Materials may contain PAHs: Wire/plug/plastic handle/plastic packing-case/rubber handle/plastic and rubber products with peculiar smell.

    Since European Union executing RoHS directive, Skyray Instrument has been keeping technology renovation and development, providing solutions for realizing green production to many companies. According to the requirement of PAHs directive, GC and LC developed by Skyray can successfully realize substances inspection.

Configurations of the instrument:
LC-310 High-efficiency Liquid Chromatograph
LC-P100 high-pressure constant flow pump: 2 sets
LC-UV100 UV detector: 1 set
7725i manual injector: 1 pc
1500μl mixer: 1 pc
LC-CO100 Column compartment: 1 set
LC-WS310 LC work station: 1 set
LC-PAH Column (250mm×4.6mm,5μm)or columns with equal performances
Pre-treatment devices:
Solvent filter: 1 set
Oil-free vacuum pump: 1 pc
Solvent filtration film (organic system, water system, 0.45μm,diameter 50mm)
Sample filters(organic system, water system, 0.45μm,diameter 13mm)
Glass injectors for filtering: various specifications
Solid phase extraction device: 1 set
Silica gel solid phase extraction column (6ml,2g)
Electric balance ( precision: 1/10,0000 and 1/10,000 are alternative)
Ultrasonic cleaner: 1 pc
Nitrogen blowing meter or constant temperature bath pan: 1 pc
Microwave MDS: 1 pc
Soxhlet’s extractor: At least 2 sets
Special glass bottle for chromatograph
Muller or similar devices
Oven: 1 pc
Methyl alcohol( chromatographic pure)
N-hexane (chromatographic pure)
Acetone (chromatographic pure)
Dichloromethane (chromatographic pure)
Water ( Double distilled water or super pure water)
16 PAHs standard sample (Purity is more than 96%)
Allochroic silica gel
Other devices:
Measuring cylinder: various specifications
Reagent bottle: 500ml or 1000ml: several
Volumetric flasks: Various specifications
150ml flask with polished edge and flat base: several
Triangle flasks: Various specifications
Suction pipet: Various specifications
Stainless spoon for weighing sample
Weighing paper
Qualitative filter paper: Several
Glass stick: φ1mm and φ5mm: Several
Flask: Various specifications
Evaporating dish: Various specifications
Iron support: Several
Medical latex tube: Several
Seal film: 1 roll
Universal chuck: Several
Double ejector pin: Several
Sample bag: Several
Label paper: Several
Rubber glass dropper: Several
Suction bulb: Several
Ventilating cabinet or kitchen ventilator, refrigerator
Pre-treatment of the sample:
According to sample materials, and please see relevant standards.
(SN/T 1877.1-2007 , SN/T 1877.2-2007 , SN/T 1877.3-2007 , SN/T 1877.4-2007 etc)
Prepare standard solution:
Put adequate standard sample in the bottle (purity is more than 96.0%); use N-hexane to dilute till the scale and make the standard solution.
Use N-hexane to dilute standard solution till the scale and record the density.
Requirement for the operator:
Expert in analysis chemistry or experienced in LC.
Attachment: Spectrum

Standard PAHs(purity is more than 96.0%) Spectrum:

Sample(leather) spectrum:

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